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Getting frustrated with Xanga, and its limitations. This is a chance for me to try out other blogs. I think Blogger meets all those requirements, and so I’m keen to give it a go here instead of at Xanga. Let me list why I wanted away from Xanga:

  • Typing: Crappy typing thing on Xanga. Blogger gives me WYSIWG support, and lots of control. I don’t need to type any HTML to get fancy formating.
  • Links Side Bar: I have one here, I can’t have one on Xanga. I like having it.
  • Comments: I can let non-registered people leave a comment now, and so I don’t need to implement a shout box.
  • URL: The URL is now nice and simple, a clear concise Better then the long link I have from Xanga
  • Ads: Blogger doesn’t seem to have any, which is well worth the swap for me.
  • The Right Side Bar: Its my choice on how much profile info I give, and what I need to put in there. Nothing is dicated by Xanga such as a profile box.
  • Posts: Easy use of tags, saving as drafts, editing with ease, larger typing box, oh tremendous difference.