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It is without doubt one of the great virtues of the world, but its hard to understand what its limits are and where it properly fits into the balance of everyday life. The conventional wisdom goes along the lines of ‘all good things come to he who waits’ but at the same time, it seems that things only fall into place for the go-getters. The conflict is between where one waits, and where one stops waiting and goes for what one must do

I’ve always been a very patient person, an unduly patient one I’m starting to think. There seems to be a certain point where you have to stop being patient with people and to let vent to your anger and frustration towards them. I have no idea where this point is, but I do feel that certain people that I know have crossed the line. They keep pushing the limits of your tolerance, one goes out of your way to accommodate them, to keep lines of communication and hopefully understanding open and viable, but they respond continually with a casual coolness and a lukewarm reciprocation.

I know they don’t dislike me, that I’m not intruding on them or anything like that, and I do know that if I was to cross over in to that field I wouldn’t press them anymore. But I don’t feel that I am there yet. Where I am is people who don’t mind you doing all the running in a friendship, but don’t want to even walk at a brisk pace when you ask them to carry the baton for a while. How am I meant to accommodate them, to keep them happy at the expense of my effort. There are people whose company I enjoy so much more, and that I could put the effort into keeping the vibrant lines with these people open even wider, but some sense of duty and hope of success keep me also involved with those who try my patience just as much.

What is to be done about them I wonder?