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It’s an odd sensation that has been building up for the past 6-8 months for me, and in hindsight I can see the wide range of influences that are pushing me to consider this as a course of action.

I’m not the type designated Artistic. I view art as something mystical and magical that is beyond my ability, that is something transcendentally mystical, that I have no ability to emulate. It is a sensation of watching something that was beyond my capability, with a skill that I could never even hope to emulate. It has a distinct otherness, it is totally alien and external to me, with no connection. Art classes were wasted on me.

Towards the end of Year 13, almost 3 years ago now, I started to get into Photoshop, and to fiddle with the creation of digital images, manipulating and altering images, as well as creating my own from scratch and using the abundant source material that the internet made available through the Internet Oracle of Google Image Search. It was fun while it was going on, with the ability to tamper and tweak reality, and play around with how an image was composed. In hindsight I think this was the first artistic thing that I ever wanted to do. I suppose the fact that it could be done on a computer made it more normal for me, something that I could do and that wasn’t artsy. I was very concerned to stay within my limits then, not too keen to push boundaries that did not need to be pushed.

Now it’s advanced a further step, and I want to get to the original root of this creative enterprise. I really want to learn how to draw well. I think it would be a useful and useful skill, which would give me another way of expressing myself in this weird and wonderful world, and also to try and express myself in a new and different way. The possibilities of line and colour are infinitely more then that of the written word, which is my current confined medium.

There is also a sense in which I’d like to push the boundaries of my limits, just to inch them outwards a few yards, and try and give myself a little more variety and roundness in my perception of the world. I am very strictly a verbal person, with a strong focus on the limits of the written world, as well as a limited understanding of the rhetorical flourishes and tricks that can be employed in English to give punch to a sentence.

Language is just one mean of expressing yourself, and in a way I feel a bit over compartmentalised and deficient, that I don’t have the ability to employ what is perhaps the most primordial and powerful method of human expression.

Any one have any tips?



    • Dom
    • Posted April 28, 2006 at 11:00 pm
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    I’m no expert in drawing, despite 2 years of GCSE art (if anything it made me realised I’m not the art type either). However I think the secret to things like drawing and playing an instrument is lots and lots of practice. You should also consider taking some beginner class as these type of things tend to have a high entry barrier. Once you get started you can move in your own direction.

    • Anonymous
    • Posted April 29, 2006 at 12:41 am
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    Looks like you might need to petition Her Majesty… Im sure she could help… as to tips, i guess inky side down is the level im still struggling to reach but then body painting could be seen to be even more primative than the paint on paper medium so perhaps it might be what your looking for, still i wouldnt say an inky hand expressed any more than the clumsyness of the artist… having said that i can still somehow picture a piece in the tate…


    • Anonymous
    • Posted May 2, 2006 at 8:59 pm
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    aha, something i can do that you cant! i am the win! i will abuse you later on msn regarding this issue.

    clarkie xx

    • Anonymous
    • Posted May 23, 2006 at 6:13 am
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    To be honest, I watched things closely. Just stare at a flower say for an hour, notice the shadows, the light and darkness of pigment on each petal, and the pattern the clustered petals make.

    For me the first step was to copy…in my mind it was like tracing of copying, its just you transfer 3D into 2D.

    The second step is to be able to transfer a mental intangible image into a tangible one, looking as realistic as possible.


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