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I wish to draw you attention to perhaps the most interesting website that I have ever found on my short sojourn accross the world wide web. TEDTalks are a series of highlight speaches given at the semi-famous TED Conference.

TED is an invitation only conference with a very simple premise: gather the 1000 most brilliant minds of the year, the people doing the most signficant and innovative things, and let’s us bring them together so that we can learn and hopefully synthesize some of their experiences for the benefit of all. You have great politicians, academics, economists and designers; people who in every sense of the word meet aptly claim the laurel of visionary. Hundreds of thousands, if not many millions of lives are impacted by what they do on a daily basis, or by what they did, and they have a unique insght into what makes great change possible on our planet.

The real beauty of TED is that all participants are capped at 15-20 minute presentations and all their information has to be presented inside that short space of time, making the lectures immensely watchable and very very interesting. If you’ve got time, the page linked above has many more links, of which almost all would be a worthy investment of time.

If you think that this isn’ you thing, then lend me just 15 minutes of your time (for being no Mark Antony, I do not ask for your ears), and watch perhaps the most interesting, and for my contempories, the most relevant talk that you will ever hear in your life, that will help you understand a lot about the current education system delivered by Sir Ken Robinson. That will convince you to look at the rest.

If you do fell emboldened to look at others, grace the presentations by Ashraf Ghani [Ex-Finance Minister of Afganistan], Dan Gilbert [Professor of Psychology at Harvard], Barry Schwartz [Author of the book The Paradox of Choice] and Malcolm Gladwell [Author of the Tipping Point]. Go be enthralled while being educated.