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Peeping through my keyhold I see within the range of only about 30 percent of the light that comes from the sun; the rest is infrared and some little ultraviolet, perfectly apparent to many animals, but invisible to me. A nightmare network of ganglia, charged and firing without my knowledge, cuts and splices what I see, editing it for my brain. Donald E. Carr points out that the sense impressions of one-celled animals are not edited for the brian: ‘This is philosophically interesting in a rather mournful way, since it means that only the simplest animals perceive the universe as it is.

Annie Dillard
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

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    • Dom
    • Posted November 4, 2006 at 5:03 pm
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    Well said. I guess you can say people are being too clever. I hate being too clever. Example: MS Word.

    And sorry for the randomness at the end.

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