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Its a new year, a new beggining, a fresh start, all that crap. Congratulations if you care, and if you don’t then congratulations on having a bit of perspective. As you may well imagine, I shall continue the year where I left off the old one, in the best of bah humbug spirits.

People who celebrate dates perpelex me. How can you meaningfully celebrate the date on the calender? What exactly is it that you are so thrilled about? That tomorrow when you write a check to pay the bills that you needed to pay last year, you get to scribble a different digit in the top left corner? I’m pretty sure that new years don’t come packaged with any thereupatic or life altering qualities, the same people will be at work after the holidays, the same distractions will follow you at home and the same classes will be present, stuffed with the same people all having the same tedious experience that you are. Dates don’t mean anything. My contempt of birthdays, my blase attitude to aniverseries and generally anything that marks the beggining or the end of a period of time seem to be the most meaningless of celebrations.I know that this is not the case for the majority of people, I know many people who have a high regard for birthdays and hold high regard for the passing of time and its marking up on the calender.

I think what it boils down to is people lead such awful and wayward lives, so full of difficulty and challenge that they will grasp at any excuse to celebrate, any pretense by which they can abandon the carefully constructed facades of appearances that they need to wear everyday and actually feel the exhilaration of living life. The days people go through are so bland, so featureless and so routine that you need these calender events, even if they mean nothing, especially perhaps cause they mean nothing, so that you can create an experience that can make life endurable again.

I think if you’re going to celebrate things, you need to celebrate things that matter. To not do so demeans both celebration and the things you celebrate. Celebrate life while you’re living it, celebrate achievements as they happen, mark out great things when they occur and spend your time and effort with regard to them. Don’t mark out the pointless and mundane, the changing of calender pages and the greying of hairs. Those are inevitable and represent no change, no improvement, no height worthy of exhiliration and celebration. Why waste time on them?


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    • Dom
    • Posted January 6, 2007 at 11:02 pm
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    What a coincidence. I was planning to blog about this exactly topic as well. I think what’s worse than celebrating “special calendar days” is when people just arbitrarily make a day special, like the Valentine’s Day. I won’t go into details here because it’ll be in my blog soon.

    Also I hate to point this out to you, but you have misspelled “beginning”. To my knowledge this is your first major spelling mistake on your blog (not counting typos)!

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