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Like the itinerant wonderer struck by wonderlust on the information super highway, I think I am on the threshold of moving once again to newer pastures to renew my blogging roots.

I started ever so humbly at Xanga, where so many of my friends started out and it seemed a natural place, and indeed as a beginning one can hardly fault it for being the heart of such prolific writing. That was when all I wished to do was write, and I was barely sure that I would persevere with a blog. Blogging had never caught on with me as a matter of high school angst, which is how most teenagers come across it, so there was nothing to immediately recommend it to me. But I did persevere and like all shells, there comes a moment that we have to escape, when we outgrow constraints, and look for new vistas to spread our wings.

For this there was Blogger, whose Google bloodline and ease of use was instrumental in attracting me to it, tempted by the ease of the transition and the freedom that I thought it would give me in having greater customisation and control over the layout of my blog. It did all these. Inspite of that I grew once again, and what left me happy before was leaving me inquisitive once again. I wanted more features, more control, more nifty solutions to rather pedestrian problems. And I had exposure to the truly professional programs at this point – FMGamer had used WordPress for nearly 4 months and I knew how amazingly cool the back end sophistication of the software was when put to proper use. It was also more popular then Blogger, given the huge amount of after-market customisation that had been embarked upon.

Urged by Yusuf, who suggested that there were richer feature sets to be found here, I have set out into the ambiguous world of, and hope to find here what I found at both Xanga and Blogger. A place for a short time to rest my weary feet and share my thoughts. As long as I stay, I hope you’ll keep me company.