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Someone have an explanation how this show became such an utter travesty? How did the best show on television become utterly rubbish in the transition from season five to six? No one left the cast, no one new joined – but if ever a show has abruptly and obviously run out of ideas in one moment, then the award should go to Scrubs.

Scrubs used to be classical zany funny, in a psuedo Seinfeld sense but even more over the top, with the wonderful larger then life characters, witty dialogue, innovative and ever changing ways to make you double up with laughter. You could watch it multiple times, and the timing, pace and placement of the jokes was so brilliant you could find yourself laughing every time. The characters were fallible, exaggerated and unbelievable but you damn well knew it was going to be hilarious with the erratic cast that had been put together. The little hyped up morality statement at the end was sometimes spot on, and often a perfectly ironic statement of common sense, in which all the characters were chronically deficient.

Season six is now a good ten episodes old, so they’ve had time to work out the glitches and get the comedy production line back into operation. Instead this season has been clichéd, the plots as headless as Craig’s proverbial chicken, and they don’t look like they have a clue as to how to solve this. The plot’s of each show doesn’t fit together smoothly or naturally internally, and the story arc across the episodes could have been put together by a five year old. It’s not like the episodes are sub-par, or that they’re not as funny as when the gags were fresh. It’s more brick wall then jumping the shark. There’s been no gradual decline like there was in Fraser. There has been a sudden steep descent into absolute mediocrity.

I’m trying to recall the good moments over 10 episodes. The only moments I really enjoyed were when Jan Itor and Dr.Cox took over the luxury suite in the hospital to act as their own private lounge. The zenith of this off course was the magnificent James Bond-esque moment with Janitor sitting in the swivel chair, stroking the cat and their wonderful bit of dialogue over the sweet/cyanide capsule. And Dr.Kelso with the dexterous use of the power saw to cut a door into the wall, provided with the magnificent avenging angel back light. That ladies and gentlemen is as good as it got.

I wonder if they’ve lost the magic because they’ve lost the motivation. I recall reading that Zach Braff, the wonderful J.D. is becoming a full time movie mogul from the end of the season (presumably so he can create another mediocre film like Garden State who’s only redeeming moment was Natalie Portman in a bikini). And while the other cast members are good, they’re not nearly as great without J.D. to pull them together, and they probably know it. Which means the show is aware of its own impending doom, hardly a good environment in which to produce creative comedy.

At any rate, whatever the reason for the decline might actually be, unless they get it sorted out, there will be another damn good reason not to have a seventh season: the show is shit.



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