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I’ve gone and got me an iPod Mini, mainly because it was available for zilch due to my dad having too many frequent flyer miles racked up and nothing to use them on before they expired. It marks a rather interesting milestone, because it’s the first thing produced by Apple that I’ve ever bought and secondly it’s the first music player that I’ve owned since I was 11 and Abi Tameem Bhai Saheb (our then local priest) made us get a Walkman so we could listen to recordings of Hussary to improve our quaranic recitation.

Album Cover from Employment by the Kaizer Chiefs To put it to good use, after the obligatory download of iTunes to get the damn thing to work, I’ve been listening to the bits and bobs of music that I have at hand.

Thanks to Pandora and this post I’ve got my small collection of stuff by Feeder and the Kaizer Chiefs which I’ve been listening to, and its the kind of rock that I like, not too loud, not incomprehensible, with decent lyrics and not deliberately insane. I’ve also been enjoying my collection of movie soundtracks, with my favourite Lord of the Rings ones and the awesome music on the Gladiator soundtrack as well which I like as a fusion of modern classical that’s more approachable and makes a nice change of pace to listen too. Clarkie’s recommendation, I think it was him, of David Bowie as something eclectic and different has also stood me in reasonable stead, and I’ve grabbed a copy of his ‘best of’ album to decide whether it’s a keeper or not. So far I’ve enjoyed ‘Life on Mars’ especially, as I had no idea the same named TV series by the BBC stole it’s name from the song. It’s been all around strange listening really, but so far everything seems pretty good, if definitively odd.

In addition, the good people at Rolling Stone have put together a list of the 500 best songs ever which I figure would be an excellent introduction to all that I’ve missed. In theory I could listen to a wide variety of styles and bands and pick the ones that I wanted to follow up on and see if they have more stuff that I’d like. So having acquired all these songs, the adventure on that front is about to commence having emptied my little player of almost all the unecessaries to get this 2.81GB collection of tunes on it instead.

In addition though, I want your recommendations to give me something to flesh out my bare cupboard, and to expand my listening away from the mainstream and the popular. What do you listen to? And given what I’ve mentioned already, what do you think I’ll like?




  1. unsurprisingly i haven’t heard any of the bands/individuals you mentioned :p for what it’s worth though, here is some of the eclectic mix i listen to- tracy chapman, ani difranco, keane, beck, postal service, travis, nick drake, wilco, koop. that should be enough to get you started. let me know which ones (if any!) you like ..

  2. Sadly I haven’t been following English songs as of late, except for The Corrs whose CDs I blindly purchase without questioning whether the discs contain any music. You can have a look at my Pandora stations, though I last used it a few months ago (I have shared my QuickMix with you). More and more I see music preference all comes down to personal tastes, so don’t confine yourself to an editor’s “top 50”, nor deterred by a friend’s negative review. It’s also OK to like a singer just because of their voice, or only like some of an artist’s songs and hate the rest. I’m increasingly finding myself doing that.

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