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I want to ask a simple question.

I’ve asked others, and received no satisfactory response. Perhaps you have the answer. If not, you may find it an interesting question.

Let us posit a God.

The God of the monotheistic religions. The Abrahamic God.

He is perfect in all aspects. He is the ultimate being, possessed of aseity. He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. This Being is unconditional, uncreated, prime, and supreme in an unrestricted sense. He exists before all things existed, would continue to exist if all created things ceased to be.

He is not dependent on his creation, nor needs anything from his created. Neither their love, or their hate, nor their prayers. He is Supreme, beyond all of this. All of this flows logically from our definition of God.

Why does a Being like this create?

He has no wants so he does not create to fulfill a want, in the way we create art because we want to express ourselves. He does not create out of desire, for there is nothing that He desires. Being already fully perfect, a desire is a deficiency, something we have legislated against in our definition. On the other hand if this desire is a whim, what does that say about God and His creation? Is this Being even capable of having whims. He does not create out of dependency, for He is the sole thing in the universe that is truly independent.

In the list of impermissible reasons, I think I have covered every reason that a human being possibly creates anything of his own free will. And I don’t think its too strong to say that these are all the reasons that any being with Free Will creates. Either out of need, want, or whim.

Humans off course, can be compelled to do things as well, either by Austin’s Gunman, or by social pressures. But there is literally no one who can compel God initially, and no one with the power to do so in any moment after.

There is no reason I can conceive of for God to create.

So why does creation exist?




    • Hunaid
    • Posted March 10, 2007 at 11:10 am
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    You question is sublime and I would have thought that your bother could have helped you answer this question or the limited amount of information he did give you was not enough to satisfy your thirst?

    The reason why I think God creates is simple: For us!. Humans as you said have great needs and desires so he needs to help us fulfil those so he creates for us.

    Now you might ask why did he create man to begin with, if there was no man then he would not need to create anything else. I think we were created to pray to Him not because he needs us to pray more because so he can forgive us for the sins we do and have done in the past.

    What’s a God without worshippers?

  1. If you ask my mum she’ll probably tell you God has reasons that human are not capable of understanding. Although I do not like answers like this, it has been proven to be the case. Basically there exists questions that God (as an outsider) knows the answer to but we never do. I do not know if your question falls into that category…come to think of it, maybe this problem is also unanswerable!

    Conclusion: stop asking questions and be content that you exist. 😛

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