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I don’t want to start
Any blasphemous rumours
But I think that God’s
Got a sick sense of humor

Depeche Mode

I forced my captive eyes off the swaying hips in front. I chided my mind to focus: I wasn’t going on a feast of the eyes but a necessary departure. I needed to go to the library and get stuff done. I was not to be easily distracted.

I knew what I needed to get from the library, a few books to further my nascent dissertation bravely into areas of law in which I have no experience. I’d left enough time for this to be done comfortably, an extra hour was more then enough to wonder around the library.

Into the law library I walked, and placed my wallet on the turnstile reader. Nothing happened. I put it on the reader again. Nothing was definitely what was happening. I flipped open my wallet, and was confronted by the looming gap where my student card should be. A quick shuffle through my wallet revealed what I had already suspected. Fatema had removed it, and I’d not put it back. Without my student card, Aladdin’s Cave of bound treasure was inaccessible to me.

 I was literally out in the cold. There didn’t seem much else to do except to slowly strangle the 40 minutes that stood between me and my securities regulation class. I went to CoffeeBucks, travailed the line, planned on buying a Hot Chocolate and bought a caramel frappuccino.

There was only one thing to do. I found a comfortable bench, in the courtyard, and enjoyed the fine view. And I reflected that somewhere, God perhaps, or his chthonic accomplice Lady Luck, were having a laugh at my expense.



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  1. yes, this must have happened to all of us, when we wonder at god’s strange sense of humour. but what struck me while reading your blog, is that while sometimes i just grin to myself and comment on god’s weird humour, at others i feel that the universe is conspiring against me. it depends on my mood .. now what does that say about god’s sense of humour?

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