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The Internet is a Series of Tubes

The internet. A strange place. Things that belong there should stay there. Things that start there are still born in the world. Its interaction is hollow. Its information suspect. Its existence ethereal. If not the shadow in the cave, it certainly seems an aspect

To use it as a support, as an aid, is fine. To use it as a substitute, as if reality were fungible and the web was the substitute is flawed. I think that was my mistake, a mistake I made far too enthusiastically. I won’t be making it again.



  1. what exactly are you talking about? i disagree that all interaction via internet is hollow or insubstantial.. and i also do not think that all information found online is suspect. but i gather you are referring to something in particular ..

    • mtalib
    • Posted March 29, 2007 at 8:57 am
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    Not something particular as much as an accumulation of particulars.

    when the net is used as a substitute for reality, when it replaces real life moments or becomes or is the only mode of interaction between me and others then I think I’ve used it beyond its mandate and that’s where this cynicism comes from.

  2. But sometimes the net *is* the only means of interaction between people, for example if they are separated by a great distance. Either you really have overused the medium, which I can’t seem to comprehend, or you’re just too hard on yourself.

    Unless, of course, if you have an avatar on Second Life…

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