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Stairway to Heaven

Drowning in thoughts and powerless to write, I find myself formulating, with much help from many profound external sources something close to the distilled essence of my life view. A simple code if you will, a mantra like Muad’dib’s that expresses what I believe to be true about the world, people and the nature of the self.

Right knowledge is the start, if you cannot know right from wrong all ventures fail. Right knowledge requires right action. If you can know right and do wrong you are a very deficient Human being. We all make mistakes and do things that we know to be wrong though. But no one pretends that these actions are right. In that sense we know innately and partially what right and wrong are. We must develop this sense to its full potential

Right action, done in consciousness of right knowledge, can be turned into a habit. We all know we are our habits, that trite truism. A habit for good (for good action done with good knowledge must be good) becomes ingrained: we develop good characteristics and then generically a good character. As Gandhi said, a man cannot do good in one aspect of his life and evil in another: the self is a unified whole. You forge a whole composed of good.

A good character is the essence of good people – it is and is what creates good people. A good person is pure in this sense – they are composed wholly of good. They are not naive. They know good and evil remember. They chose to be good. Their knowledge makes their choice, their actions and their character pure.

A pure character, one that naturally inclines to good thoughts deeds and results is the proper purpose of life as a human being in my simple philosophy. A simple route it seems to a very fundamental goal.

Now only if each intermediate step wasn’t so difficult.


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  1. right… wrong…… good…bad…. they are so relative!! and dependent upon the circumstance. im not sure whether there is anything such as pure character or even if there is a goal??!!!

    but i do agree with your last line….!

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