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It’s finished.

7 Books, A zillion billion pages. Even more hours. All finished.


What a brilliant way to end it. Not that it was unpredictable, but that it was executed masterfully. Doing the inevitable well is something to be admired.

And all along the way, plot twists that I just didn’t see coming. And she never stopped introducing new things, every step along the way old information was contextualised and new information sent in by the spade load.

So much explained that I still don’t think I understand.

Why are Lily’s Eyes relevant?  I don’t recall any point where it was a decisive plot element. Maybe it was an earlier book and I’ve just forgotten by now.

Was the epilogue really necessary? I suppose there was the desire to rap up the story definitively, but I don’t think it helped give any greater closure than there already was. Although I suspect it will make a lot of the shippers happy.

Other points as well that stood out at the time, but I’ll have to go through it again to work them out. Now, I don’t think I have the energy to do that, or to pull it all together. I’ll wait for the undefeatable people at mugglenet to pull together all the bits and bobs for me instead.