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Dom has pointed out rightly that I ought to be more discrete on a public blog. You may take it as euphoria getting in the way of prudence.

Send me an email and I’ll send you the password if you wish to read the post below. If you don’t have my email, well that makes all of this rather academic then doesn’t it.

 EDIT: At Gareth’s suggestion I deleted the post. Its not the right place or time for this at the moment. If you resent that decision, blame Gareth. It’s what all the smart people are doing.



  1. Or blame Dom. After all, I did pointed out the dangers, leading to the removal of the post.

  2. You never have been one to accept responsibility for your self-destructive tendencies.

    I’m sure there shall come a time when you can post it, void of fear and repercussion. I anticipate it’ll be very soon too. 😉

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