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It’s a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.  Makes you wonder what else you can do that you’ve forgotten about. 
~Alan Ball in American Beauty

You may have noticed that I’ve taken things in a slightly new direction. Clips and quotations from the rest of the web. Bits of text dragged in from elsewhere.

Words kidnapped to my main page. Images, innocuous and well-mannered, but nonetheless victims.

Exhibited for your pleasure.

Acts perpetrated to sate my desire to collect.

It’s a slow starting trend, starting with that irregular institution The Saturday Photo. That was my first attempt at ‘borrowing’ things that caught my interest on my sojourn through the world wide web. It’s not been a regular feature, but frequently there’s been something worth seeing on a Saturday morning.

The main motive for this change, that beating heart in a willingly black soul, has been MSN. As I’ve had more conversations that are irreverent and random, I’ve started to share with my friends the bits and bobs that I find out in the ether. With the blessed powers of Stumbleupon to call forth this deluge, I  find something every day that expands my horizons.

Some of the trash would shame the upright amongst you. Some are genuinely interesting and artistic, showcasing the ingenuity and creativity that Talking Meat can exhibit. Some of it is sheer out of the box thinking, of such quality and clarity, that its genuinely hit me hard when I’ve taken the chance to reflect on it.

Most of it’s puerile 20 something male stuff.

Don’t worry, that I won’t be sharing.

20 years of cultivating a false persona as a pseudo alive intellectual that doesn’t live his own life as much as observe it won’t fade away that fast. Nor will my inherent defensiveness and caution. But I’ll take a few more risks.

When I find something that catches my attention, something unique, quirky or interesting, I’m going to put the power of Windows Live Writer and Firebox to work, and am going to smack down a link to it on my blog.

You see, as much as this is my art, it is also my collection. It is my little set piece play, to choreograph and control. Akin to a museum curator, even one who is delusional about the value of his own work, I shall include the best that I find outside here as well.