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Ten Principles To The Zen Of Attraction:-

1. Promise Nothing : Just do what you most enjoy doing. Hidden benefit: You will always over-deliver.

2. Offer Nothing : Just share what you have with those who express an interest in it. Hidden benefit: Takes the pressure off of wanting other people to see you as valuable or important.

3. Expect Nothing : Just enjoy what you already have. Its plenty. Hidden benefit: You will realize how complete your life is already.

4. Need Nothing : Just build up your reserves and your needs will disappear. Hidden benefit: You boundaries will be extended and filled with space.

5. Create Nothing : Just respond well to what comes to you. Hidden benefit: Openness.

6. Hype Nothing : Just let quality sell by itself. Hidden benefit: Trustability.

7. Plan Nothing : Just take the path of least resistance. Hidden benefit: Achievement will become effortless.

8. Learn Nothing : Just let your body absorb it all on your behalf. Hidden benefit: You will become more receptive to what you need to know in the moment.

9. Become No One : Just be more of yourself. Hidden benefit: Authenticity.

10. Change Nothing : Just tell the truth and things will change by themselves. Hidden benefit: Acceptance.

The Zen Of Attraction » Graham English’s Integral Conversations

I like this. Even if its based on that noxious movie, The Secret which is a triumph of marketing over reality.

It’s a refreshing approach to life, that’s more casual than those rules I’ve internalized. This rigid self imposed code under which I over think my actions. Where everything is deliberate and therefore contained. Where everything is imbued with meaning. Both my actions and the actions of others.

I now know that things don’t work like that. The things we do are casual and unthought. Those gestures that are thrown away, those thoughts, those feelings that are fleeting in the scheme of things, which reveal who we are, and how we are perceived by others, and how incongruous those two can be.

I don’t mean that I’m going to replace my whole code with this one. I’m not going to become passive, which is what I read this as saying. Instead I accept that my code is not universal, nor even comprehensive. There are areas and experiences which it doesn’t cater for. Areas it wasn’t even designed to navigate.

I can set those parts of it aside, and enjoy the feeling of drift in new worlds.



  1. To be clear, my list wasn’t based on The Secret at all. I’m not a fan of the movie by any means.

    It’s also not meant to be passive. The “nothing” part centers are the buddhist principle of emptiness–which is not passive at all. If you notice the rest of what I say, you’ll see that all the explanations contain verbs which indicate actually doing something. 😉

    And I’m glad you pointed out that this idea of the zen of attraction doesn’t relate to every area of life. IMO, it’s more of an exercise in thinking about things differently, even counter-intuitively.

    But thanks for the link and I’m really glad you liked it. 🙂

    • Eve69
    • Posted January 7, 2008 at 2:24 am
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    I liked the formulations. They strike at the essence of meditation, though I also think they are formulations which therefore essentially mean too little to practice. However, for those for whom they strike some common key they might provide some extra resonance.

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