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I have mixed feelings upon reading this post. It is Jeff’s response to this post, and in a like vein to its predecessors, I address this post as well, to Jeff:

First and foremost, I’m compelled to apologize. If I had known what you had meant by meaningless, and which meaningless you were rejecting, I don’t believe for an instance I would have written that comment.

It is also why, even when what I wanted to leave as a comment amounted to just a few lines, I felt the need to preface it with many hundreds of words of explanation, so as to be careful in what I was ‘cursing’ you to endure.

In that post of such a few lines, I hope you can accept that it was my own perception, my own situation that reflected through that comment.

Secondly, I feel that you can see from reading the two pieces in comparison, how different a concept of meaning we are talking about. Yours, wiser than mine, is an exhortation to a via media, a middle way, that navigates both small ‘m’ meaningless –  day to day mediocrity, and capitalized ‘m’ Meaningless – that great metaphysical nihilism in the face of cosmic reality.

Mine was concerned only with the big M version.

I read your post, now with the context that you’ve given, as supporting this middle path. A path that looks to carve out a life lived well, and a life fulfilled in both its potential and its dreams.

It is a vision of meaningfulness that is both strong and positive, one that very few people would turn away from when articulated. Who amongst us would disagree with this:

I want to have something to show, for the way I’ve lived my life. if not contributing meaning to the universe, or mankind in general, then at least I don’t want to regret having done nothing but get into a series of broken relationships when I’m fifty. the way I’ve lived the past two decades of my life.

Finally, when I started I said I had mixed feeling. The other feeling, incongruously, or not, perhaps not, is a feeling of happiness and anticipation. 

I  look forward to seeing what comes of a Jeff who dedicates himself as fiercely to the many big things in his life, whatever he chooses those to be, as he does to the many small things, whatever those will be.

Given the propensity to excel, I doubt I will be disappointed. I’m rather sure, given how colorful a character you are, that I will be intrigued by how the tale unfolds. As has already been quite jovially admitted, you are both a tart and a rogue. And they’re always forced to live a life of adventure.