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Welcome to Alter Ego What if you could live your life over again?

You can click here to play the game.

Alter Ego

How cool is this

I remember playing this game in DOS all those years ago. And then grabbing it off Home of the Underdogs when I found it was available there.

Now someone has gone and made an online version of it, keeping the old look and feel, but making it easier to access than it was on DOS, where it was a bit of a pain to play on newer computers.

This nifty little game lets you replay life again, and you can make all those idiotic decisions that you made again, or go down totally different paths and live a life totally different from yours.

It is an old school DOS game, so don’t go into it with any greater expectations than that. It’s good for a few hours of fun though, so give it a spin if you’ve never played before. Live your life differently.