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Let me cut you in on a revelation I had today. Not less then five minutes ago, I had an epiphany as eye opening as any I’ve had this year. And this has been a year full of divulgement about the intricacies of living. A year full of little truths.

This is one of those truths that alters the fabric of reality. They seem so obvious once you understand them. So impenetrable the second before.

You’ve probably heard what I’m about to say from other people, often mentioned casually but never understood it.

You know when I say you, I mean “I”. Why do I pretend I’m addressing some fictional third person. I wonder what it means that I refer to myself in the second person.

Okay, digression over. Back on track.

It’s one of those things you can’t take on board when other people tell you. It’ll take that one moment of existential navel gazing for it to come to you.

Have I hyped it enough?

Over-hyped it probably. You’ll experience such a let down when I tell it to you. You should expect the let down. I warned you about it. You need to experience it yourself. And either you have, or some day you will.

Okay ready? Here goes.

I’ve always bought into the bullshit that you should finish what you start. That all ends are equal. That all beginnings are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, amongst which is the right to have an ending.

So I persevere through things. I try to do the things that I know I ought to do. To bring things to a satisfactory conclusion, a neat conclusion. For a book, the last page, for a friend, a last meeting for old times sake.

This is wrong. Not everything you start has a proper ending.

You need to embrace the ending there is. If there is nothing that feels like an ending, if there’s no sense of closure, sometimes that’s all there can be. A vague notion of an incomplete ending may be all the ending you will get.

Throw this desire to have a full stop, to experience closure away. Search for the truly world class manifestations of that experience out there. Don’t settle on the okay. Trust yourself to recognize the brilliant.

When the experience is that good, you’ll want to get to the ending. You’ll want the end and the sense of closure. And you’ll get it.

Sometimes, a move is not worth watching after the first hour. Turn it off. Find a new movie to watch. There are so many other choices.

Sometimes, a book is not worth reading past chapter 3. Stop reading it. Find something new to read, there are plenty of more books. World class books. Award winning books. Books that could rewrite your life.

Sometimes, a person isn’t worth keeping up with after the first meeting. Don’t waste the effort trying. There are so many people you meet everyday.

Sometimes, 15 years of friendship can end with you having nothing in common. Enjoy whats gone, but don’t worry about tomorrow. You could start a friendship today that might define the rest of your life.

Don’t be timid in your endings. Don’t get caught in the belief that the deadwood is essential. Jettison those things that are holding you down. The magnificent part of the human spirit, your spirit, my spirit, is that it always finds a way. Don’t tie that spirit down by waiting for the point where things can be ended sensibly to start the next phase.

Life doesn’t work like that.


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  1. Certainly it is irrational to continue doing something that is of little or no value to you…which got me thinking, after 23 years of living in the city as a typical student, I felt I have gained little in life. Maybe a change of environment is in order. I shall know more about this when I return from my trip to Costa Rica which starts on Wednesday. I might even share my discoveries with you.

    And yes, this comment doubles as a “see you in two weeks time”, since I am too lazy to email or log into MSN.

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