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Mo says: ….and it’s learning from the mistakes that will get things better

Zed says:ur over confidence in urself has led to ur fall

Mo says: of course it has; you say that like I should be ashamed of it;

Mo says:i’ll bounce back and do better

Zed says: of course u should be ashamed

Zed says: lol

Zed says: u’re too confident

Mo says: i’m never ashamed of my mistakes

Mo says: i’m human and i make mistakes

Mo says: what is shameful is if i keep making them

Zed says: so true


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    • LifeX3
    • Posted January 27, 2008 at 2:02 am
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    So true. We need to make mistakes in order to grow. If we have never made mistakes, we have never lived our life. I suggest anyone interested in learning about failure reads my blogging about failure here

    Take care.

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