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flickr-wordsI’ve got things to sort out.

Things to put into words.

I can’t think without words no more.


(I always have a “but” too.)

I don’t got time to write a 1000 words. Ain’t no desire to spell out the back story, the analysis, and then link it all up pretty to get the point across. Finally get to make my point at the end.

All the work first, make my point right at the end when even I’m bored of what i’m writing.

I need to learn to write again. Learn to write short. Fit a galaxy in a gesture. The world in a grain of sand. You know the shtick.

I want to be satisfied with few words. To write 100 and think – that’s enough. That’s the whole story.

Its not my fault though.

The whole story is too complicated.