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broken_record I’m broken.

I’d been trying to avoid that conclusion. even when its staring me straight in the face. And I won’t look away now.

Like all good stories I should start at the beginning.

Reacting to people is an emotional response.

A statement of the obvious you say.

Me, I’m still learning it every day.

Since leaving London life has been about people. Meeting people. Liking. Disliking. Loving. Hating. I’ve experienced a wide range. I’ve watched a wide range.

It’s opened an array of emotional reactions to events and people that I’ve never had before. Of course I didn’t have them. I barely had emotional reactions before.

Now I can’t switch them off.

It’s liberating. The rules and limits don’t apply. Dethroning my head has shattered the chains of of reason. Knowing my emotions  allows me to define my experiences, not let my experiences define me. I can hear my intuition, and for the first time trust it.

I’m broken. I’m free.