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I heard Dr. Conan Doyle tell a good story during a trip I made to London last winter,” said George D. Aldrich at the Arlington last night.

“He said that at a dinner party he had attended the guests began discussing the daily discoveries made to the detriment of people occupying high stations in life and enjoying the confidence of the business world. Dr. Doyle said that it had always been his opinion that there was a skeleton in the closet of every man who had reached the age of forty. This led to a lot of discussion, some of the guests resenting the idea that there was no one who had not in his past something that were better concealed.

As a result of the controversy, Dr. Doyle said, it was suggested that his views as to family skeletons be put to the test. The diners selected a man of their acquaintance whom all knew only as an upright Christian gentleman, whose word was accepted as quickly as his bond and who stood with the highest in every respect. ‘We wrote a telegram saying ‘All is discovered; flee at once” to this pillar of society,’ said Dr. Doyle, ‘and sent it.

He disappeared the next day and has never been heard from since.

[From “Men Met in the Hotel Lobbies,” The Washington Post, 16 June 1901, Pg. 18.]