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wallpaper_camel_desertThis constant wearing prattle. This grating disgusting sound. Must you always keep talking? Are you so in love with your own voice? Will you not stop even to give a moment’s respite, a moment’s rest?

If it were a dull background hum, a gentle roar of sounds that could be tuned out like traffic or the tides I would not despise it.

This sound is the bleating call for attention of the insecure. The desperate need to believe that the speaker is relevant and by right the centre of attention.

Even then I don’t begrudge it to you. Let all of them fawn over you, as you would have them do, and as they are wont to do. Let them listen to every word as holy writ and nod sagely at every saying.

I only ask for an exemption.

Leave me be. I am not here.

If you feel entitled to my attention it is by my ill fate. It is because I am a prisoner of geography and society. I was bought here in chains that I locked on my own wrists. 

Do you understand that chains only hold so much? That a body bound in iron and held by the firmest restraints is still just a body?

There are no means to lock down a mind. You cannot demand its presence.

Mine is roaming free. Even as I sit here, in every way that matters I am not here.

Where am I?

In Isidora, a city where the buildings are spirals, encased with spiral staircases on their outsides and with spiral seashells embedded in each step. 

In Zobeide, a city which men planned in their dreams, and which is constantly reborn in new dreams of new men, so that from each ruined foundation a new city is built. Layer upon layer, the city rises on myth and dreams to aspire ever higher.

In Perinthia which was designed by the astrologers so that each building might line up auspiciously with the wills of the Gods.  Each gate of the city’s mighty walls, when one looked through it aligns with the most auspicious portents.

Yet it is a city accursed and its inhabitants bemoan the constant tragedies that befall them. It is said that this reveals the folly of those who aspire to understand the portents of Gods. I say it tells us as much about the Gods’ true nature.

I am in a thousand different cities, each beautiful, vibrant and different, that fill in the gaps of the many metropolises that have been, are and will ever be.

I am a traveller, journeying through countless nows in the ship of my mind.

Leave me be. I am not here.


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