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Monthly Archives: September 2008

To mark the occasion of my friend Tim Parker’s step into a brave new world, at 9am sharp today morning at Sha Tin Magistracy, which is the first moment of his first pupilage, and because Yusuf bhai said it was an interesting little story, I share with you why barristers dress in such strange clothes when they appear in court.

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In the aftermath of yesterday, and my post on An Empty Experience, I’ve been the recipient of an outpouring of reaction that deserves a reply.

Ideally, I’d like to reply to each person and to do that personally, and where I’ve had the ability to do that I have taken that opportunity.

Where I haven’t had the opportunity to look the other person in the eye, well if you recognise yourself in one of the replies below, I may well be talking to you.

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Yesterday evening, I had the honour and the responsibility of saying nabi na naam. And I say that because I’m expected to say it, not because it felt that way.

It’s hard to understand why something I’d looked forward to in previous years, and believed would be a great honour and pleasure, was such a bleak experience.

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dreaming creek drop 2

It’s been a busy month, and here, now in this moment, I have the desire to reflect. To breath deeply and let it all flow in and out and through me. To dissipate it all into the air and then watch it coalesce like a fog, like a cloud and watch it scatter in the breeze.

Where should I start?

What should I tell you about?

What can I tell you about?

Some things are confidential. Some things are private. Some parts of the story aren’t mine to share.

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He’s writing for the consumption of the reading public once more

My joy is unbounded – a true delight.

Me, Author and Beard

The Author as Beard

This site is hilarious.

The writing is beautiful and the manifesto is spot on and its sarcastic magnificence has led me to zip through every post in one morning.  It’s only 10 posts long, so it was a short morning.

It’s great to see Muslims poking fun at themselves and our all too serious approach to, well, everything.

Thanks to Meryam for posting the link on her blog.

You, of all people, should know how fast the wind can change.