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The Prophet Isabelle read my fortune today, for the coming year of the Ox. In the Chinese zodiac, when the sign of your birth returns, this is considered to be a year of bad fortune. As I am an Ox child, I anticipated her reading with a little doom and gloom of my own, and told the Prophet that I didn’t expect a good year.

The Prophet laughed. She once again readied herself and read my future.

I would have a year of conflict and difficulty and would find myself under great emotional stress and find myself discontent with life. That things would seem okay on the outside yet I would be unhappy on the inside.

I laughed.

I didn’t need to wait till the year of the Ox to experience those emotions or that conflict. It’s been with me for far longer, almost all the last six months. The quiet voice in my head mused that if the worse ill fortune was going to do to me, was inflict doubts I already had, I needn’t worry too much about the callous arrows of fortune.

The Prophet said there was a good side. The zodiac predicted that this was a crossed year for love in the Ox sign. Those who were in a relationship might find themselves single. Those who were married might find themselves with an unexpected child. Those who were single would find themselves in a relationship.

I asked her if she believed that there was anything that caused conflict, difficulty and emotional stress in people’s lives like a relationship could?

We left it at that.