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nyrb "Each time I discover a book [in the series] it’s like being privy to something that is almost a secret—almost like a fraternity or sorority for folks who hate the idea of fraternities," Leonard Fleisig, a Washington, D.C., fan of NYRB Classics says. "The imprint is very eclectic and you don’t find yourself mired in a particular genre. I quickly determined their editorial staff has an eye for the quirky and overlooked."

via A Meaningful Publisher «’s Booked.

An effervescent account of NYRB Classics, a publisher that has the rare virtue of success in a struggling book market.  They  succeed by providing a valuable product in addition to just the value created by the author.  How rare in the literary world to come across a publisher that adds value in how it selects, embellishes and prints books.

This article tempts me to buy every book they’ve ever published just to reward them for daring to be different in a market full of low quality production values and rare attention to detail.