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BEAUTIFUL DAY Today has been a day of many contrasts: each thing in its own enjoyable and each compounding contrast adding its own particular brightness to the day.

Today was a good day.

  • Train to modern glitzy Olympic, with its swank housing and new developments. A plastic sanitary shopping bubble filled with ambitious house buyers as “The Hermitage” goes on sale.
  • Walking to Tai Kok Tsui to play badminton, a neighbourhood where glamour is only used to describe the models in magazines (although the Cantonese term is ‘angels’).
  • Playing badminton with three players, 2 against one and running myself ragged for the love of the game.
  • Having a lovely KFC breakfast, to undo all that good work. Coke, criss-cut fries and chicken for breakfast is weird.
  • Having lunch 45 minutes later at a fancy Japanese restaurant with a delicately cooked medium steak.  It could not be any further from KFC’s genetically engineered chicken.
  • “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time”.  Passively consuming a movie is the antithesis of being active.  I wouldn’t mind watching it again.
  • Using the movie to meet a new person. This was a bad idea. Movies get in the way of actually engaging with anyone, old or new. In the end we ran out of time because the movie went on too long and the new person had sights to see and places to be.
  • Solitary window shoe shopping ramble, after a day full of people it felt serene to wonder in and out of shops looking for new shoes, accountable to no one for my delay.
  • Going home to unpack the ties we’d ordered online, which Naqiyah chose. Paying for them was my contribution.  It’s the first time I’ve ever bought clothing online. Sending her photos of our latest collaboration.  They’re rather smart.
  • Watching the latest Dr. Who, saddening because it was barely different from the B – grade action flick I watched earlier.  This is a show in decline, despite an outstanding new doctor.
  • Majlis in the evening. A reminder to not get too stuck into the false idol of good living, as opposed to living a (morally) good life.