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After many years of bright orange and black, it was time for something different. A move to the other extreme; that I did not foresee. Yet the choice has been made, the dice cast, and I have a new blog theme.

I have great faith in the power of blog themes to influence reality. Changing theme has bought on a powerful bout of introspection.

In its own way, the old theme with its black and orange was an intense combination that reflected my mood when it was selected. It reflected my outlook and attitude to life.

Life was different; headed in a different direction. A reserved thinker, dealing with a brand new world that matched so few of my expectations. This was the strange years between Kings and Pinsent Masons, dominated by HKU and my return to Hong Kong after 3 years in London.

It was a world full of people and experiences that I then turned away from by choice. Whilst it was the bedrock of everything that came afterwards, it is shocking how few friends from those days are still part of my life.

Why? I’m not sure that any explanation can help. Perhaps we were just too different.

What will this white sensibleness bring? Hopefully, it will witness a quiet revolution, an acceptance of the responsibilities of life along with a full measure of haphazard wondering.

Don’t worry: I don’t believe life yields in any way to my hopes.