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In which the English Court of Appeal showed that you should never miss the chance to make a James Bond reference. The question they were faced with was whether a flick knife with a built in lighter was an offensive weapon per se. It was argued that a dual use item could not be seen as an offensive weapon per se because it depended on how it was seen in light of both its purposes. They held:

10…An object which has all the characteristics of a flick-knife does not cease to be a flick-knife because it also has the secondary characteristic of being a lighter. The same no doubt would also apply to a handgun which was also a lighter although possession of a handgun might be dealt with under a different statute. James Bond might no doubt carry an object of this kind for a dual purpose but a flick-knife does not, in our judgment, lose its character as a flick-knife because it is also a lighter. It is just as much an offensive weapon and potentially dangerous as if the lighter function were not there. In our judgment the Recorder’s ruling was correct for the correct reasons and the appeal is dismissed.