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The Jessup Compromis for 2013 has been released!

The Compromis deals with four interlinked issues. Firstly, whether a state can continue to exist if it has no defined territory. Secondly, whether the treatment and proposed transfer of refugees complied with international refugee law and finally, whether the seizure of state funds deposited with a bank in the other territory is in compliance with international law. 

All of these look like intriguing topics, and especially the first one seems to be a rather unique question that squarely frames the question of whether the Montevideo criteria continue to apply after the recognition of states.  Of course, sovereignty without territory has existed in international law for various specific entities.  Whether that’s a general idea that extends to all sovereign entities is an intriguing question.

Good luck to everyone who decides to participate! 



  1. Have no idea why I followed you in the first place but I was really surprised to find you interested in the Jessup too. Have you competed in the Jessup before? I was in D.C in 2008. Recent years’ compromis are more interesting and updated than the last ones, I think.

      • mtalib
      • Posted October 3, 2012 at 11:09 am
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      I did Jessup in 2008 too. I’ve also been involved in a few other ways since then. I co-coached a team for the last 3 years and I’ve judged at the international rounds once before as well (and I want to again: judging is way more fun than competing).

      I’ve been pretty opinionated on the Compromis in the last few years. I hated issue 4 in 2011( I pretty much liked most of the Compromis last year ( until the ICJ spoiled the competition by deciding the Germany v Italy Case ( which, to be fair, I didn’t think ILSA could ever anticipate. I still haven’t made up my mind on the latest Compromis though, as i haven’t really had any chance to sink myself into the issues it explores yet.

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