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Morning Routine

The brilliance of XKCD shines through once again. I read that today morning, and instantly thought “God, I do that every morning” and “Yeah that is seriously weird!”

I’m secretly reassured now that I’ve found out I’m not as strange as I thought I was.

On the bright side, now that Gareth isn’t around as much, I actually brush my teeth most mornings before spending an hour on MSN catching up with everyone dispersed globally.

Progress comes in small steps, but it does come.



My Current Wallpaper


My current wallpaper and an interesting quote. Thought I’d share both with you.

The biggest auction yet of original works by graffiti artist Banksy has exceeded its estimated takings.

The 10 pieces and a print were expected to raise a maximum of £300,000 in total when they were sold in London at auction house Bonhams.

However, the works actually fetched £546,000 altogether.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Banksy auction exceeds estimates

I like graffiti.

The colours, the vibrancy and the high intelligence in the good stuff. I’m not talking about youths who never learned to draw but want to leave their mark on the world. That’s pedestrian. No better than vandalism.

People like Banksy, who have found the art in the medium, who do the kind of work that is in Ganz’s book, that’s true art. I find its a style and form to admire. I find it captivating.

I’m a fan of Banksy’s work.

Banksy is a well-known yet pseudo-anonymous English graffiti artist. His works are satirical pieces of art which range across politics, culture, and ethics. His street art, which combines graffiti with a distinctive stenciling technique, has appeared in cities around the world.

They’re clever, challenging, sophisticated and open to interpretation. I wonder whether Banksy means all that you can find. It doesn’t matter though at some level. An artists work speaks to the viewer, and meaning is for the viewer to find. The Artist can only suggest possibilities.

His work is often targeted at elites and authority, but also more broadly; at all of those who see the status quo as acceptable. Part of that is the medium, graffiti is always going to be a counter-culture medium. A way to reclaim space from the corporate hands that have allocated public space away to billboards. A way for the part of society society that doesn’t operate on the formal social plane to use space to get their messages out and across. To reclaim some space from the Advertisers.

What I find interesting about the BBC article is the beautiful contradiction. 

An artist who professes a disdain for the modern order. Who feels that it strips people of their dignity, power and prevents them being free. Who feels capitalism and commercialization are the curses of the modern age, where all experiences are the same.

This artist, having his work bought by the elites at inflated prices. Work that was spray tagged, that might be painted over by an over-zealous Borough, transformed into a high value commodity because the elites recognize when they’re being mocked and find it funny.

It’s a beautiful contradiction.



I wish I’d written this.

It’s beautiful and true.

Still, not absolute Truth though.

A part of Truth. A part.

I wish I’d written this.


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