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Have you ever experienced that feeling of making a new friend too fast? That sensation that you ought to pull away from someone cause you?  That, maybe, even though things have gone smoothly so far, its still risky to be going out on a limb so fast for someone so new?

I’m not talking about an acquaintance here. Not that ‘oh this person was interesting I’d like to get to know them better’ feeling or the ‘we have a lot in common feeling’ but the actual transformation from being a name you’d vaguely heard of into a proper – trusted – friend within days.

I’ve had that sensation twice that has stuck in my recollection. Both times were such different experiences.

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Mo says: ….and it’s learning from the mistakes that will get things better

Zed says:ur over confidence in urself has led to ur fall

Mo says: of course it has; you say that like I should be ashamed of it;

Mo says:i’ll bounce back and do better

Zed says: of course u should be ashamed

Zed says: lol

Zed says: u’re too confident

Mo says: i’m never ashamed of my mistakes

Mo says: i’m human and i make mistakes

Mo says: what is shameful is if i keep making them

Zed says: so true