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Montreal_Canadian_GP_Circuit_638225Welcome to the seventh round of the 2008 FIA Formula One World Championship, the Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Montreal’s Ile Notre Dame.

It looks as if we could be in for a very wet weekend, with predictions veering from thunderstorms to showers and back to thunderstorms in recent days.

At present, Thursday is forecast to be partly cloudy and dry with an ambient temperature high of 24 degrees Celsius.

There will then be thunderstorms on Friday through to Sunday, with the temperature fluctuating between 26 and 29 degrees.

The Official Formula 1 Website

A wet weekend is on the cards in Montreal, Canada

With two long straights, high speeds, long delicate curves and the odd hairpin or two, this is a track where rain should raise a healthy amount of chaos.

Particularly the start of the start/finish straight, where the racing line is to go hard on to the curb and skim within inches of the solid concrete wall that lines that straight. Last year Heidfeld was going so close the sides of his tyres covered in the white paint that was formerly on that wall.

This is a track which presents decent scope for overtaking, and charges high penalties for mistakes, such as Robert Kubica’s spectacular crash last year. 

Which should combine to make it a fascinating race.

The drivers hate wet weather because it increases the risks and turns the established order upside down.

Fans, if they’re honest, love wet weather.

It’s one of the main factors in turning the ceremonial procession that is a dry race into an open race where the outsider teams can grab at glory.

You’re not going to see Adrian Sutil in the Force India ahead of a Ferrari driven by the World Champion Kimi Raikkonen in any other circumstances.

The rain at Monaco made this a reality in Monaco two weeks ago, at least until Kimi drove into the back end of Sutil’s car.

If it takes wet weather to make formula 1 more entertaining and competitive, then we should be glad as long it keeps raining.


Link to some fantastic high res shots on Autoblog

Now this is a thing of beauty. There are changes to the line and shape from the old Ferrari 2007 design, and I have to say it really is a thing of raw aesthetic beauty.

I’m sad to read they’re going to radically overhaul the design and aerodynamics over the next 70 days in the run up to the Australian Grand Prix which might mar these amazing lines.

I hope they manage to keep the beauty alive.