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My friend Ali Ebrahim has set up a  site called

Planet Bohra uses the Planet technology, which downloads RSS news feeds and aggregates them together into a single combined page, with the latest first.

In simple language, what Planet Bohra does, is aggregate all the blogs of Dawoodi Bohras worldwide that Ali knows about, and displays them combined on its main page.

I’ve already gotten a few hits from the site, which is how I know it exists.

My reactions are mixed.

As the observer, its interesting to see the variety of blogs worldwide.  This concept of syndication and combination is amazing, to bring them together in one place.  The variety of blogs from geopolitical to personal is intriguing.

As a writer, who appears on that front page I’m more reluctant. My blog is personal. In fact its unavoidably personal. I’m not entirely comfortable with that being syndicated so  that many people can view it. As I’ve said before my writing is not blogging.

By that distinction I mean I don’t blog about issues like Aziz Poonawala exploring Islam in the west on City of Brass. I don’t blog all things technical with the sure wizardry of Yusuf Goolamabbas  and his Random Thoughts

For the moment, I think I’ll sit tight and see how it goes. My current uneasiness is just that, uneasiness. Perhaps when there are hundreds of blogs there, I won’t mind it when I’m lost in the chatter.