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There is something primitive about sitting at the sea shore, staring over your shoes, out at the sea and onwards into eternity.

It’s deeply soothing to feel so solidly in the moment.

Entranced by the grittiness of the sand between your toes. Wiggle them and feel the changing texture of the sand shifting beneath your feet. The heat of a summer sun streaming in from a low angle, as the sun prepares its decent into darkness. The cool breeze blowing in crisply of the sea.

There’s no distraction, no tumult and no chaos.

Just a sense that everything is perfectly as it should be.

Everything just fades away. All the worries seem petty, all the burdens seem light. Nothing exists between you, the earth and the never ending sky.

There is the invitation, silent but compelling, in the rhythms of the sea to think deep thoughts and drift casually through the mind to find some peace; missed so easily every day.

I wish I could tell you what the deep thoughts were. I don’t recall many of them.  The few I do recall; well those aren’t for sharing. I enjoyed the sense of calm and deep relaxation, especially after such stressful days.

It is this feeling; of utter calm and contentment, that has stayed with me. Not the actual feeling, sadly not; but its memory.

I want to spend more days at the beach.